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Libra Zodiac Pin

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Step into the harmonious world of Libra with our enchanting sticker—crafted for the diplomatic and charming Librans ⚖️💕

This pin captures the essence of Libra—the air sign ruled by Venus, representing love and harmony. It's a visual ode to your desire for balance, always seeking to create a world filled with beauty and peaceful connections.

With hues of orange, teal and a touch of cosmic charm, this pin embodies the spirit of a true Libra. It's a symbol of your social grace, effortlessly forming relationships and mediating conflicts with your diplomatic flair.

So, indecisive dreamers and art enthusiasts, this enamel pin is your cosmic canvas! Pin it on your tote bag, lanyard or anywhere that needs a touch of your aesthetic allure. Let it be your reminder to embrace your people-pleasing heart and spread love wherever you go.

In a world of balance and beauty, let your Libra spirit shine like a perfectly aligned scale, creating harmony in every step of your journey ⚖️💕✨


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 3.5cm (1.37 inches)
- Gold Plated
- Material: Zinc Alloy + Iron
- Double pin rubber backing
- Created and drawn with love!

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