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Welcome to the noticeboard where I update you all things 'Quirky'! I will try to add as much information as I can and update it when I can. 

So if you're waiting on any news at all, this is the place to come back to :). 

Last updated: May 28th
Due for release: June 6th

The time has come! We are nearly ready to launch our Literati Kindle sleeves after months of you all begging for them :). They will be launching alongside our matching Kindle inserts. 

More info to come.

last updated: May 28th
Due for release: June 6th

The time has come! We are nearly ready to launch our Literati Kindle Sticker Inserts after nearly 6 months of trying to get them made :). They will be launching alongside the matching Kindle Sleeves of the same colours. 

More info to come.

last updated: April 26th

Le Soleil and Magic Tarot will likely be discontinued or might be made differently going forward. All I know is that the current colours won't be coming back and any sold out paper types also won't be coming back. Sorry!

**LITERATI JOURNALS: Currently in production and will be arriving to us mid-year. We will keep you posted! 

*** La Lune will be having a refresh! She is undergoing a makeover and the current version will cease to exist soon! We will be slowly running off our current stock in the meantime. 

* Iridescence in black is coming! Hopefully mid-year :). 

last updated: May 30th 

As you would have seen on socials, SFS will be getting a refresh! She has only been with us since February, but I recently played around with the design file and have called in love with what I've created. The design as it exists will slowly trickle out of the store in these items. We are yet to decide if the pins and stickers will be updated but in time, we hope to have everything match. 

We don't yet have a release date for this yet but we are hoping in August if we're lucky! We'll keep you posted.

Coming Soon
- Slut for Smut Kindle Sleeves
- Slut for Smut Book Sleeves (new!)
- Slut for Smut Bookmarks
- Slut for Smut Tote Black (new)

No current planned updates to
- Stickers
- Pins
- Pens

(but probably will because I can't help myself). 

last updated: May 30th 

If you're in the know, well you know 😏

It's so early in this development that I don't have any kind of dates yet but if things go the way we want then we are hoping for September! God that feels so far away, but I'm sure it will come around fast haha. 

I'll keep you posted on my IG broadcast channel if you want to follow along!

Thanks for reading our updates! We promise to do what we can to keep updating you on all the exciting stuff  :). 

- Sydonie & The Quirky Team xox