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Welcome to the noticeboard where I update you all things 'Quirky'! I will try to add as much information as I can and update it when I can. 

So if you're waiting on any news at all, this is the place to come back to :). 


Before we have any major releases or restocks we always alert people via our email newsletter and do what we can to alert people on social media :). 

The best things you can do to stay updated with us & these restocks is..

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ps. Social media is great but the algorithm has a mind of its own and doesn’t guarantee bringing you back to our announcements. Emails and restock notices are your safest ways to be notified and we strongly recommend doing both to make sure you're covered and don’t miss a thang!



We have started to hit the silly season Quirky gang! It's picking up here at Quirky HQ and as to be expected, things start to take us a tiny bit longer than it usually does🥺.

We know that you are so lovely and so patient, but please remember that we are a small team working as hard and quickly as we can to pack your goodies,  reply to your inquiries, and manage everything else in our Quirky warehouse. 

We thank you for your patience as things start to get busy. It's a stressful time of year, but kindness and patience makes our customer service jobs much easier :). 

*Please note that express shipping does not mean priority packing sorry! Orders are placed in the order that they are placed. The 'express' part of the shipping is only for when the parcel has entered the postal system. 

*Please allow between 5-7 days for your order to be packed. Please keep in mind that we do not currently work or pack orders on weekends.

🎄 Please visit this page here for more Christmas Shipping info 🎄



We are having a little time out over the holiday break, gang! 

The Quirky Team will be away from 22nd Dec until 2nd of Jan. The website will remain open but we won't be packing orders during that time. Any orders placed during that time won't be packed until we get back to work in the new year. 

To have your order sent before break, we would recommend having an order placed by the 19th of Dec to allow us some extra time to have your orders packed before we leave work. We will aim to pack any and all open orders before we leave for break but also can't guarantee it, sorry! Please keep this in mind when ordering. 

I will be attending to emails on and off during the break, but please be patient if you have an open inquiry as I also want to enjoy my holidays hehe. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We wish you and your loved ones a lovely holiday break 💕



update: 17th Nov

Wonderland Kindle Sleeve - Coming 2024
Slut for Smut Kindle Sleeves - Coming 2024
Otherworldly Kindle Sleeves - Coming 2024
Made of Stars Kindle Sleeve - Restocking 2024



last updated: 2nd Dec

We are officially sold out of the Blue & Green Reading Journals! I know this is disappointing for people, but we did have the blue available for weeks longer than we ever have, which is such an achievement 😍. We still have the beautiful Wisteria available and she will be here to stay for quite a while with more on the way. 

We have no active plans to restock the blue & green reading journals as we are focusing on some fun new colours for 2024! Please remember that we are small business and we can't physically or financially afford to stock and produce all this stock at one time. We are incredibly excited about our colours for 2024 and we hope you're excited for them too. 

Volume 4 in the Reading Journal will be RED. Both the RJ's and their matching accessories are currently on the way and will likely be released in early 2024 :). 



last updated: 23rd November 

The planners have arrived! AND ON TIME! Hoorah! They will be shipping out once we have them organised and settled in the warehouse. We have a couple of extra hands here to help pack so we can get them out before the Christmas shipping deadlines. For all information about the preorders and Planners, please visit their product pages and please visit this page here!



last updated: 23rd Nov
due for release: January 2024


Currently planned to be the first release of 2024! We are currently planning for January and will keep you posted!



last updated 20/06/23
due for release: ON HOLD (because we have too much happening lol)

We are needing to organise one last round of sampling for these jumpers before we start to open preorders. My standard for clothing is high and I want to make sure they have the right fit and measurements so we all feel lovely in them :). 

These jumpers will be available for preorder only and will have some special T&C's as they will be a made to order item. 

Sizing will be oversized and it will be more of a pullover situation rather than a sweater. We will be running sizes XS-3XL (Aus 6-18) but as mentioned they are an oversized fit, so we will be recommending people compare their measurements at the time of ordering for the most ideal fit :). 

More info to come! 



Thanks for reading our updates! We promise to do what we can to keep updating you on all the exciting stuff  :).

- Sydonie & The Quirky Team xox