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Sydonie, the clever clogs creative behind The Quirky Cup Collective, first pulled out her brushes to create some unique Christmas prezzies for her nearest and dearest in 2014.  
They were thrilled, (of course!) and after splashing the  work over Instagram she found herself  creating bespoke and custom goodies for fans and followers all over the place.
Since it began blooming into what it is today, The Quirky Cup Collective has sent incredible pieces all over the world (and has built up a local reputation for goodness, too).
- - -
Syd herself is inspired by all things vibrant and striking from colour to nature to textiles, all of which shine (baby, shine) through her work and signature social media style.
Her dreams for TQCC are being gathered as you read, including the printing of her fave & most popular cup and saucer pairs for affordability and accessibility (being a legend, she recognised that art pieces can be pretty dear and saw a love for her work by students and young folk without the big cash to splash)- and making a tangible mark on the world of bohemian handicrafts.