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Cancer Zodiac Pin

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Created by The Quirky Cup Collective  

Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of our Cancer-inspired enamel pin—crafted for the emotional and nurturing souls like you 🦀

This enamel pin captures the essence of Cancer—the water sign ruled by the Moon, representing emotions and intuition. It's a visual ode to your deep empathy, always understanding the feelings of others with your intuitive heart.

With hues of orange and teal, plus a touch of cosmic sentiment, this enamel pin embodies the spirit of a true Cancer. It's a symbol of your nurturing nature, enveloping your loved ones with a protective cocoon of care and comfort.

In a world of emotions and empathy, let your Cancer spirit shine like a radiant moonbeam, illuminating the darkest nights with your loving glow 🌙✨


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 3cm (1.18 inches)
- Gold Plated
- Material: Zinc Alloy + Iron
- Double pin rubber backing
- Created and drawn with love!

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- Biofill / Packing peanuts are fully biodegradable - 

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