Wonderland Bookmark - Purple

Wonderland Bookmark - Purple

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Let’s runaway and live in a cottage in the forest. We can spend our days reading books amongst the flowers, watching dandelions blow in the breeze. We can forage for mushrooms and make friends with the local birds and bees. At night I’ll light the fire and you can make us a pot of tea. Afterwards, we can watch the stars until our eyelids grow heavy and do it all again the next day. 

The Magic is in the Details

- Double Sided Bookmark
- 450gsm Matte Board
- 5.5cm x 16cm
- Gold edging & linework
- Tassel
- Created and drawn with love!

Crafted with care: Printed on premium 450gsm matte board, our Otherworldly Bookmark is not only beautiful to look at, but is exceptionally strong too! Each edge is delicately accentuated with shimmering gold foiling; subtle enough to miss but a special touch nonetheless. 

Attention to Detail: Navigate back to your page with ease with the addition of a tassel to make sure you can easily get to your page. Beware of cats as they will consider these toys. 

Designed with love: The Otherworldly Bookmark is lovingly created and drawn with passion by Quirky creator, Sydonie. A testament to her love of reading and books, Sydonie has created these bookmarks to not only share her art with others, but to inspire and rekindle the love of reading for others like her. 

Due to the delicate nature of the material used for the gold detailing, the foil can tarnish after rigorous and frequent use. We encourage you to be super gentle with your bookmarks and gold foiled items and to expect natural tarnishing over time.

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