Otherworldly Book & iPad Sleeve - Lilac - Purple - The Quirky Cup Collective
Otherworldly Book & iPad Sleeve - Lilac - Purple - The Quirky Cup Collective
Otherworldly Book & iPad Sleeve - Lilac - Purple - The Quirky Cup Collective

Otherworldly Book & iPad Sleeve - Lilac

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A precious little sleeping bag for your Books & iPads, to keep them safe on all of your adventures. 

Whether you're vacationing in some magical corner of the world, sitting at the back of the train on the commute to work indulging in some scandalous storytelling or inhaling the most recently hyped romance snuggled up in bed, the Book & iPad Sleeves are your beloved and trusted sidekicks when carrying around your treasured possessions. 

The Magic is in the Details

✨ Padded lining to keep your books and devices safe
✨ Sturdy zipper closure for secure storage
✨ Back pocket for Kindle, phone, or stationery essentials
✨ Intricate embroidery for a magical touch

Size & Devices 

✅ Kindle Scribe & other Kindle models
✅ Paperback books
✅ Most large hardcover books*
✅ All iPads except for 12.9inch models
✅ Kobo Readers
✅ Remarkable Tablets

*As always, please be sure to check your measurements to make sure your books or devices match up with our dimensions. Please see the measuring guide on this page.   


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 24.5 x 30cm
- Zipped pockets
- Inside padding
- Back pocket
- Detailed embroidery
- Inside padding
- Lush velvet 
- 100% polyester
- Lined with satin
- Tassel zipper
- Created and drawn with love!

The ultimate sanctuary for your books and devices; a companion for your adventures, both in the tangible world and during your daily commute. The spacious interior, with its padded lining and secure zip-top opening, ensures your treasures stay snug and secure, ready for wherever life takes you.

Crafted from lush soft velvet and adorned with intricate embroidery, this sleeve is a masterpiece of magical details. The satin lining adds a touch of magic to the protective exterior, making it as elegant as it is functional. Versatility is essential, accommodating not just standard-sized books but also those larger, chonkier volumes that demand a little extra space. 

We would love to tell you all the wonderful things about the book sleeves, but if we're being honest? Its something that should be left up to discovery ✨


To be sure that your device fits our sleeves, we do recommend measuring before ordering.

You will need...

  • Your item
  • Soft tape measure
  1. Grab your item and measuring tape
  2. Wrap the soft tape around the entire width/circumference of the device and be sure to include any attached accessories in the singular measurement.
  3. If the circumference of the width is under 44cm (17.3 inches) or under, it should fit.


Please also note that we can never promise your device will fit as the measurements provided do not include any model disparities or accessories you might have. Please follow the measurement guide to check if your device or item falls below the inside circumference.


  • Please hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees celsius. 
  • Lay flat and let naturally dry.
  • Please be mindful of velvet & embroidery as the materials can be delicate.

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