Literati Bundle - Crimson - The Quirky Cup Collective
Literati Bundle - Crimson - The Quirky Cup Collective
Literati Bundle - Crimson - The Quirky Cup Collective
Literati Bundle - Crimson - The Quirky Cup Collective
Literati Bundle - Crimson - The Quirky Cup Collective
Literati Bundle - Crimson Red

Literati Bundle - Crimson Red

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Step into a realm of literary splendor with our bundle offering; featuring the exquisite Literati Notebook accompanied by the meticulously curated matching accessories. Designed to elevate your reading journey to celestial heights, this bundle seamlessly merges elegance, functionality, and enchantment into a harmonious symphony.

What's Included:

  1. Literati Notebook: Enrobed in sumptuous faux leather and embellished with intricate foil detailing, the Literati Notebook beckons with an allure both regal and timeless. Each page, meticulously crafted from 120GSM paper, invites you to inscribe your innermost thoughts, musings, and revelations about your life adventures. 

  2. Matching Book Sleeve: Safeguard your literary treasures in opulent style with our matching book sleeve, fashioned from luxurious plush velvet. An elegant shield against the ravages of time, this sleeve ensures your cherished reads remain pristine and protected.

  3. Bookmark: Navigate the labyrinth of literature with grace using our exquisite bookmark. Its design, harmonising seamlessly with the enchanting aesthetics of the Reading Journal, ensures you never lose your place in the tapestry of your imagination.

  4. Pen: Harness the power of your words with our sleek and refined pen, a companion befitting the majesty of the Reading Journal.  Crafted for both comfort and precision, this instrument transforms the act of writing into an art form.

Experience the Magic: Embrace the transcendent allure of storytelling with our Literati Bundle. Whether embarking on a literary odyssey or seeking solace in the sanctuary of a beloved tome, this bundle transcends mere accessories—it is a portal to realms of infinite imagination and wonder. Elevate your reading experience with a symphony of elegance, functionality, and enchantment, and discover the transformative power of the written word.

Literati Notebook

- Dotted, Lined & Blank Paper options
- 220 Pages
- 120GSM Paper
- Ribbon Placeholder

Pen Details

- 0.5mm Tip
- Gel Rollerball
- Black Ink
- Total Length: 14cm (with lid)
- Body Length: 95cm (grip area)
- Weight: 23 grams /0.81 oz
- Gold Hardware
- 'You Got This' affirmation on clip
- Flower detailing on top of pen cap
- Replaceable Cartridge
- Removable lid that clips onto end of pen
- Made in PRC

* The paper used in the current Literati Journals isn't compatible with our Quirky Pens. The coating of the paper doesn't allow the gel to penetrate and absorb into paper like our other journals do, and this is only something we have discovered recently. This will be amended in the future, but not for a long while. Sorry!

Sleeve Details

- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 24.5 x 30cm (inside 24.5 x 28cm)
- Zipped Enclosure 
- Back pocket
- Detailed Embroidery
- Inside Padding
- Lush Velvet 
- 100% Polyester
- Lined with Satin
- Gold Tassel
- Created and drawn with love!
- Made in PRC

Bookmark Details

- Double Sided Bookmark
- 450gsm Matte Board
- Gold edging & linework
- Tassel
- Created and drawn with love!

*Please keep in mind that due to lighting and differences between computer/phone monitors, the colours may display differently from device to device and may appear slightly different in person. 

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