Tea Lover Bookmark - The Quirky Cup Collective
Tea Lover Bookmark - The Quirky Cup Collective
Tea Lover Bookmark - The Quirky Cup Collective

Tea Lover Bookmark

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Introducing our Tea Lover Bookmark, a charming addition to your reading moments. Inspired by the cozy ritual of tea time and adorned with delightful details, this meticulously crafted piece is designed to accompany your literary adventures with warmth and comfort.

Crafted with Precision: Fashioned from premium 450gsm matte board, our Tea Lover Bookmark boasts durability and luxury. Each edge is delicately adorned with a tea-inspired motif, adding a touch of whimsy to its enchanting design.

Timeless Charm: Embrace the soothing allure of tea with our bookmark's delightful motif. Intricate details and charming illustrations evoke the cozy ambiance of a tea-filled afternoon, making this bookmark a perfect companion for your reading nook.

Attention to Detail: Enhance your reading rituals with the indulgent touch of a luxurious tassel, meticulously crafted to complement the bookmark's charm. But remember – let the comfort of tea inspire you as you dive into your favorite book.

Crafted with Love: Each Tea Lover Bookmark is lovingly created and designed with passion, serving as a heartwarming reminder to take a moment for yourself and indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Treat yourself to the coziness you deserve and elevate your reading experience with our Tea Lover Bookmark, where every page turn is accompanied by the warmth of a good cup of tea.


- Double Sided Bookmark
- 450gsm Matte Board
- 5.5cm x 16cm
- Gold edging & linework
- Tassel
- Created and drawn with love!


Due to the delicate nature of the material used for the gold detailing, the foil can tarnish after rigorous and frequent use. We encourage you to be super gentle with your bookmarks and gold foiled items and to expect natural tarnishing over time. 


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