Grandeur Frame - Sticky Note - Notepad - The Quirky Cup Collective
Grandeur Frame - Sticky Note - Notepad - The Quirky Cup Collective
Grandeur Frame - Sticky Note - Notepad - The Quirky Cup Collective
SECONDS: Grandeur Frame Sticky Notes

SECONDS: Grandeur Frame Sticky Notes

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As you might guess, sometimes we receive some goodies sometimes that aren't quite up to scratch. We're pretty lucky and most of our items arrive in pretty good knick, but even we can hit with the bad luck stick sometimes 🙈. 

We don't really like throwing things away for the sake of it, so when we are left with some not-so-perfect items, we like to sell them for a bit cheaper so they don't goto waste! These products are alway perfectly fine to use, but have a little 'quirk' about them that make them a little different from the rest. 

Sometimes things can be a little off centre or might have a small mark. We would never send you anything that is beyond use and only reserve the best of the worst for our Seconds. There are only perks to this situation and not only do we save on wastage, you also save a bit of coin too. It's a win-win! 


- Off-centre printing
- Slight discrepancy in colour vibrancy


Post it notes, but make it cute! Use these adorable little sticky notes to leave yourself those little reminders around the place. Whether it's to pay a bill or an affirmation on your wall, these handy dandy little sticky note pads are here to motivate and inspire ✨

*Little tip! Peel the sticky note from left/right instead of up. That way the top ends don't curl and your page stays flat!


- 11.5 x 10 (4.52 x 3.93 inches)
- 60 peel off sheets 
- 130 GSM paper 

*Please keep in mind that due to lighting and differences between computer/phone monitors, the colours may display differently from device to device and may appear slightly different in person. 

Made in PRC 


♻️ ♻️ ♻️
- Shipping box made from 80% recyclable material -
- Biofill / Packing peanuts are fully biodegradable - 

For all of our shipping and return information please click here 

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