Moon Phases Planner Sticker Sheet
Moon Phases Planner Sticker Sheet
Moon Phases Planner Sticker Sheet
Moon Phases Planner Sticker Sheet

Moon Phases Planner Sticker Sheet

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Little cutie patootie moon phase stickers to help keep track of the moon in your planners, calendars or custom journal spreads!

The Magic is in the Details

- 162 stickers per sheet
- 14 x 5.5cm sheet
- Washi/paper material
- Foil moons
- Single Side Adhesive
- Sticker tweezers recommended
- Created and drawn with love

Materials Matter: These adorable teeny tiny stickers are made of washi paper material which is amazing for a few different reasons. Firstly!? If you place them down wonky or aren't happy with the position, you can easily peel it off and go again. Just be gentle as the material is delicate. 

Seamless on Paper: The major reason we chose this paper is because it sits flawlessly on white paper. I'm not kidding, it's that seamless (unless you're using vastly different paper ofc) that the sticker looks like it's just been pre-printed on the paper itself. It's not revolutionary by any means, but oh boy is it satisfying. 

Don't Save them for a Rainy Day:  I see you there, looking at your stickers too afraid to stick them somewhere; scared of the permanence once you stick them in their forever place. I am too like you, but they are here to be used and I am telling you to use them. Please and thank you!

*Please note these are TINY. They are made to be small and subtle for the space in your Quirky Planners. Unless you have long nails, they will likely need sticker tweezers so you can precisely place them. 

* Also, the 'stars' on this sticker sheet were made so they filled in space on the sheet. They end up being so small they are little diamonds and are barely stars, so please don't hold this against me and I promise to do some bigger stars very soon!

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