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Lil' Soy Boy Sticker

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Feast your eyes on our oh-so-squishy and cute lil soon sauce bottle sticker! 🍣🐟 You know that iconic little fishy that swims right alongside your favorite sushi rolls, ready to drench them in that savory, umami goodness? Well, now you can stick that cuteness wherever you please!

This sticker is the ultimate wink and nod to your love affair with sushi. Slap it on your phone, your laptop, or your car—you know, just to make sure everyone's aware of how much you worship those delish little rolls of rice wrapped in seaweed. 

So, if you're all about sushi and slaying the sticker game, this sushi soy sauce fish bottle sticker is a must-have addition to your collection. Get ready to take your love for sushi and sass to a whole new level! Because when it comes to sushi, honey, you're swimming with the soy sauce queens 🌊🍣👑


- 7 x 3.7cm (2.7 x 1.5")
- Single Side Adhesive
- Waterproof
- Matte Foil Finish
- Strong adhesive capabilities
- Easy to remove
- Created and drawn with love!


♻️ ♻️ ♻️
- Shipping box made from 80% recyclable material -
- Biofill / Packing peanuts are fully biodegradable - 

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