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Foodie Sticker Snack Pack

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I dunno about you but all of these foods are an essential requirement to surviving in this world. I may be a tad dramatic but what is life without yummy food?

Gorge yourself on some juicy gyoza's, revel in a bowl of brothy ramen and literally douse your entire tray of sushi in 7 little fishies worth of soy sauce 🙈. I don't want any sushi unless it is submerged in a literal sea of salty umami goodness. Soz!
Maybe after that you can treat yourself to some brown sugar bubble tea, a stupidly delicious teriyaki and a strawberry sando. Who said you could only choose one thing for dessert? Your parents probs, but you're an adult now and make your own decisions baby. 
The crown jewell of all these snacks though? That cup of noodles - hands down. Best indulged in the middle of the night, like a saucy love affair that only the moon and stars witness. 
Ur welcome xoxo



- 7 x Stickers
- Single Side Adhesive
- Waterproof
- Strong adhesive capabilities
- Easy to remove
- Created and drawn with love!

* Please see original sticker product pages for measurements & details 

What’s not to love about stickers!? Other than not being sure what the heck to do with them lol

No but serious question, where are we actually sticking stickers? Sometimes you can feel a little stuck as to what to do with them, so let these suggestions below serve as a little bit of inspiration for you!

  • Decorate your Kindles
  • Decorate your other digital devices
  • Water Bottles
  • Musical Instruments or cases
  • Suitcases
  • Helmuts
  • School or work lockers
  • Bikes or skateboards
  • Journals, binders or folders
  • Store them in a sticker book

Let your imagination be your guide! There are no rules.

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