Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective
Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective
Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective
Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective
Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective
Iridescence Dateless Planner - Digital - The Quirky Cup Collective

Digital Iridescence Dateless Planner

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Let’s go on an adventure together.

Tell me your plans, dream your biggest dreams and share your treasured memories with me. Set your affirmations, express your gratitude and reflect on your journey throughout the year. 

The world is truly yours for the taking and you possess everything you need to turn your dreams into a reality. 

Welcome to the Iridescence Dateless Planner!

A true work of the heart and soul and a collaborative piece between myself and my followers, I believe this planner is a perfect fusion of both mindfulness and organisation.

I know from personal experience that planners can be quite overwhelming and hard to stick to. Other physical and digital planners on the market can make you feel like there is too much to enter and too many options to choose from in your downloads. I've stripped it down and given you the essentials that will make planning easy, enjoyable and actually achievable. And of course, don't feel like you have to use every inch and corner of the planner! I would love you to, but use it how you need so it suits you :). 

Infused my art and personality, the Iridescence planner is a delight to use. Although I love to share my physical books with you, I made a special point to have the digital version to look as much like the real thing as possible. You just get the added perk of being able to backspace if you make a mistake. I hope you love this planner and that it helps guide you through your next chapter. 

What is a dateless planner?

A good question! This is a bit of a special format where a planner has absolutely no dates. There are still places you can enter dates, but the great thing about not having them entered for you is that you can use this planner whenever you like! And if you miss a month? Just pick up where you left off :). It's as simple as that! 


✅ This planner has been designed to be used with most PDF annotation apps. Examples include Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf etc.
❌ Not compatible with OneNote, sorry! 
📧 The planner file will be sent via email after you order and will also be available to download on the 'successful order' page when you complete checkout. This download will also include an instruction guide on how to export to your apps. 
💾- This is a digital product and not a physical product, so this will not be shipped to you. If you would like a physical planner, please view my other listings.
⬇️ -  You can only download this file 3 times over a 2 month period after you have purchased. After that, the download will expire. This is to prevent theft and infinite link sharing. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection when downloading and please be mindful of where you save your file on your device. 

Core Features

🔗- Hyperlinked Tabs for quick and easy access
💌- Letter to future & past self 
💘- Weekly affirmations
📆- Adult reminders
💅🏽- Self care menu
📋- To-do lists 
🗓️- Dateless Yearly calendar
🎯- Yearly, monthly and weekly goals
⏱️- Weekly trackers
✏️- Blank spaces for custom notes & doodles in weekly/monthly spreads
📝- End of year & month reflections
👩🏻‍🎨- Blank pages at the back for notes & doodles

Weekly Spreads

✏️- Monday start
✏️- Enter your own dates
✏️- Vertical columns 
✏️- Weekly affirmation entry
✏️- To-do list
✏️- 4 Tracking spaces
✏️- Gratitude & memories
✏️- Vertical columns 
✏️- Dot grid blank spaces for tables
✏️- Blank section for note taking

Monthly Spreads

✏️- A four page monthly spread at the beginning of each month 
📆- Undated Monthly Calendar 
💝- Monthly Affirmation
📝- To-do list
💰- Money/Budgeting dot grid section
✈️- 'Looking forward to'
📓-  Untitled dot grid sections for creative freedom
✍🏼- Two page end of month reflection

How to use

💻- Can be used on most digital devices, but larger screens are recommended to get the best experience. Can be used on computers, but feels the best on a tablet/iPad. 

🖊️- If you are using a tablet, a stylus or apple pen is highly recommended but isn't necessary. 

📲 - You will need to download an annotation PDF app like Goodnotes or Notability to use your digital planner. This is not included in your planner purchase and has to be downloaded/purchased separately, so please research before ordering your planner. 

Important info

🗣️- This product is only available in English. I am unfortunately not able to create this planner in another language as I'm not skilled to do that, sorry! 

🚫- No refunds can be issued for Digital Downloads due to the nature of the product. It isn't a product that can be unsent once sent lol.

©️- This file is owned and copyrighted by Quirky Enterprises and is solely created for personal use only. It may not be resold, copied, distributed, altered, shared, or used for commercial use. 

Additional Notes

- Tracking Circles in weekly spread: Okay let me clear this one up haha! I get a lot of messages about this but it's really super easy. The tracking circles in the top daily columns can be used for tracking your mood, the moon, if you're drank enough water that day, if you ate your three meals, your period, exercise, reading or medication. Whatever you feel like you might need to track, you can do it those three dots and the tracking section on the bottom left of the weekly spread. 

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