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Aquarius Tarot Sticker

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Time to embrace your Aquarian spirit ✨

This sticker celebrates your forward-thinking, independent, and compassionate nature, reflecting the humanitarian side of Aquarius. With hues of dreamy blues and shimmering stardust, it embodies your enigmatic and rebellious charm, showcasing your unique personality.

As an air sign, you possess intellect and innovation, always open to new ideas and exploring the uncharted territories of the mind.

Let this little sticker act as a reminder to let your Aquarius magic shine and leave the universe starstruck with awe and admiration of your individuality, independence and sincerity. 


- 8.9 x 6 cm (2.4" x 3.5")
- Single Side Adhesive
- Waterproof
- Matte Foil finish
- Strong adhesive capabilities
- Easy to remove
- Created and drawn with love!


♻️ ♻️ ♻️
- Shipping box made from 80% recyclable material -
- Biofill / Packing peanuts are fully biodegradable - 

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