(Updated 17/03/22)


But please anticipate potential delays due to the ever-changing nature of COVID and worldly events. 


Please be patient while Australia Post & affiliate shipping carriers work through the pandemic and other worldly events. Even though the carriers are working hard, unfortunately delays are unavoidable and parcels are taking up to 3 months to reach their destination (in the rarest of cases).

The landscape of International shipping is constantly changing and I encourage all customers to practice patience and understanding with myself, other businesses and the mail services. We are all trying out best. 

Thank you so much for your patience during these unprecedented and troublesome times.

Stay safe 💕


Deliveries to the below countries may be delayed due to ongoing air capacity limitations and disruptions at the destination. 



Due to the catastrophic floods on our east coast, shipping delays are to be expected and are unavoidable.

This will mainly affect the regions of where the flooding has occurred.  

USA - Shipping currently moving normally. 

But please anticipate potential delays due to the ever-changing nature of COVID and worldly events. Shipping to the US is usually pretty good though. 



Parcels travelling to the EU are taking much longer than normal due to reduced flights, COVID restrictions and other worldly events.

We can still send parcels to the EU, but parcels are taking longer than usual to arrive to customers. 

We have particularly noticed parcels are taking a long time to clear through customs. If your parcel has had no new tracking scans for 4-5 weeks, please get in contact so we can discuss the next steps. Thank you so much for your patience during this difficult time in the pandemic.

*Please check your countries status on the Australia Post website before ordering


Your parcel may not have scanned for a while but I can guarantee this can be very normal.  There is nothing I can do to speed this along as the mail system is busy and workers are restricted (but working very hard). If your parcel has not had a scan in 4 weeks, please get in touch with Australia Post, your local national post carrier or myself. Thank you for your patience and understanding 💕. 


As you might be used to now, COVID has affected International mail speed for the last year or two. The system is overwhelmed and shipping times are constantly changing. Please read the information below so you can check the current status of your location.


Australia - 2-7 Business Days
USA & CANADA - 10-18 Business Days 
UK & Ireland - 12-22 Business Days
New Zealand - 7-12 Business Days
Zone Major EU - 9-20 Business Days
Zone 3 - China - 10-20 Business Days
Zone 4 - Asia - 9-16 Business Days
Zone 5 - Pacific Islands - 12-20 Business Days
Zone 8 - Rest of World 1 - 9-20 Business Days
Zone 9 - Rest of World 2 - 9-25 Business Days
Please allow an additional 10 business days past the due date of your parcel before requesting help or opening an enquiry. 

*All items ship from Australia.
*Please check your countries status on the Australia Post website before ordering. Links are below.
*Please note that I am unable to send to some countries. If you place an order and I can't deliver to your country your order will be held in the meantime. You can contact us to change your address and send to another country or have your order refunded. 
* Shipping times are not guaranteed and vary from country to country. This is a guide based on averages.


Shipping Zones

That is it for now! I just want to say a massive thank you for your continued support of TQCC and your patience during these unprecedented times. This little business is my world, and whether its through my art or products, my goal has always been to make you guys happy and keep things positive.

Please remain patient, safe, positive, calm and considerate of others :).

Thank you!

-Sydonie xx