Wisteria Reading Journal Restock Information


COMING MAY 2ND: 10am ACST (GMT+9:30)

For my international people in the US, EU & UK, this will likely be the night of the 1st of May. Please make sure to google and convert the time of the release into your local time :)



Will there be a bundle with the other items? 

Not this time sorry gang! We don't have many of the matching sleeves available so we are unable to do it. Sorry!

Will you be restocking the other colours in the Reading Journal?

Not this time sorry! All the info about restocking other items can be found here on our website noticeboard. 

Can we get a tour of the inside?

Absolutely! You can watch the inside tour of The Reading Journal here. The inside of the currently available Reading Journals are all the same. 

Is there a difference between Volumes?

No :). I know I confuse everyone with the volume numbers on the spine, but this was done purely for aesthetic purposes and only signifies the sequence of colour. Green was first, blue second, wisteria third etc. There is nothing different on the inside and any updates to the insides will be announced. 





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- The Reading Journal will come off the website about an hour before release. This is when we start adding in the quantities into the system. They will go live at the specified launch time. 

- Please make sure you are signed up to our marketing/email newsletter. This isn't because I want to send you annoying emails lol, it's so that we can bulk email you guys with release order updates! If you aren't subscribed to emails then you won't receive the updates and could miss important info 

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We will update you on this page about a day or two after the collection goes live with the order packing estimates; but again we recommend you sign up to the newsletter so we can give you these updates directly. 

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