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'Serene Magick' Essential Oil Blend - The Quirky Cup Collective

'Serene Magick' Essential Oil Blend

$ 25.95


A grounding synergy to free your mind.

Unleash your healing hand. Cleanse the air before your magick making, releasing the weight of worry, fear and anxiety. This self soother sets the sorcery scene, helping you feel lighter, calmer and more purposeful. Use before and after spell casting to free yourself of negative energy.

Essential oils 

- Lavender
- Rosewood
- Bergamot
- Ylang Ylang

Important Info

Application to the skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight.
This blend may cause sensitivities.
We do not recommend these oil blends as a replacement for traditional medicine.
Not recommended for use while pregnant.
Do not apply undiluted blend directly to skin.
Only available to send within Australia.