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Pen Refill Blue - Pack of 3

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With a pen tip that glides like scissors on wrapping paper and ink that feels like getting into freshly washed bed sheets with shaved legs, the Quirky pens are notorious for a reason. 

One of the coolest things about our pens though? You can replace the ink cartridges! This means no throwing out an entire pen when you're done because who would want to do that for a pen this pretty!?

The Magic is in the Details

  • 3 x Blue Ink Refills
  • 0.5mm Tip
  • Gel Rollerball
  • Blue Ink
  • Waterproof Ink
  • Other Cartridges: Red, Black
  • Made in PRC


What is a gel pen and how do I fix it when it's not working correctly? Everything you need to know can be found here!

How to replace the Ink Cartridge 

1. Hold the gold tip of the pen (the nib end) and twist to open the pen casing. 
2. Remove your old cartridge and dispose.
3. Pop in your new cartridge 
4. Screw the top back on!
5. Ta daaaaa! 

Ps. If that spring pops out, make sure it goes back into the bottom of the barrel (tail end) before you pop your new cartridge in. 

Other Pen Cartridges

Our pens aren't specifically modelled after any popular brands, so we unfortunately don't have any other cartridge recommendations! You are more than welcome to search for one though :)

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