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Netflix & Chill
Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill

$ 12.95

At the end of a long day all you want to do is brew yourself a good tea and chill out with some Netflix, amiright? Brew yourself a cup of this tasty tea, cuddle up with your pet in your comfiest pjs and sit back and binge until your heart is content. Bliss! 

* can only be sent within australia! Sorry guys! 

- Egyptian chamomile-
- Lavender -
- Blue cornflowers -

Handmade in Mudgee, NSW - Approx 15 serves 
Brew at 100ºC for 2-3 mins
*Please consult with your doctor if this tea is okay for you*

Magical Properties
- Aids sleep & digestion - 
- Antioxidising -
- Natural anti-inflammatory -
- Improves respiratory health -
- Aids skin troubles -
- Helps maintain cardiovascular health -