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Flowers were made using our Flower Press Kit! Connect with nature and start pressing your own flowers today 🌻


- 4"x 6" -
- Handmade -
- Unique and one of a kind -
- Wooden frame -
- Can be either hung or freestanding - 
- Dust sealed -
- Flowers are permanently fixed to glass -
- Please keep out of direct sunlight and be gentle with your frames - 

Important info

For international deliveries please check the quarantine requirements of the country you are shipping to before placing an order for any of our pressed flowers. Please be aware that we cannot take responsibility for international packages that are held by customs/ quarantine and that are not delivered as a result of this. Please read below for the notes on selected countries. 

AUSTRALIA - Approved 
UNITED STATES - Low risk of being held by customs. 
UNITED KINGDOM - Low risk of being held by customs. 
CANADA - Higher risk of being held by customs.
NEW ZEALAND - Higher risk of being held by customs.
Other Countries - Please check your local quarantine guidelines for accurate information. 

*Please note that these assessments have been made due to the guidelines posted by Australia post. The above statement still applies to all international orders.