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Good Vibes Only
Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only

$ 12.95

You heard the tea! Sip on this baby to get those good vibes flowing! Let this brew remind you that you are cool, intelligent, strong and fierce. Don't stand for bullsh*t and don't let losers drag you down. Trust in your vibes, and only invest your energy in the things that are bringing positivity into your life. I believe in you girlfriend! 

* can only be sent within australia! Sorry guys! 

- Rose buds -
- Chamomile -
- Lavender -
- Hibiscus Flowers -
- Calendula Petals - 
- Blue cornflower -

Handmade in Mudgee, NSW - Approx 15 serves 
Brew at 80ºC for 2-3 mins

Magical Properties
- Calming - 
- Antioxidising -
- Immunity Booster -