Clear Quartz Crescent Moon Crystal Bowl - The Quirky Cup Collective

Clear Quartz Crescent Moon Crystal Bowl

$ 185.00


Specially made and carved for TQCC, these bowls with have your heart squealing with excitement! I can not put into words how amazing these bowls are. It even feels weird calling them bowls because I feel 'bowl' is too basic a word. Whether you use this beautiful specimen for your jewellery, for your crystals or to eat nuts out of, I promise you you're going to love the ABSOLUTE HECK out of it! 

And trust me when I say pictures will never do these beauties justice. If you think they look pretty now, wait to you see them in person. 

- - - 

Let’s be clear: there is no better crystal for manifesting realities, programming intentions or amplifying energies, than a Clear Quartz Stone. It’s hard to match up to a crystal as universally powerful as Clear Quartz. While clear quartz has enjoyed mystical notoriety since the days of ancient Greece, today, it’s even used in technology to hold currents of energy. This is how we know clear quartz is so amazing at programming.

Once you program or set your intention for your Clear Quartz stone, it will constantly put your intention out into the universe, even when you are not thinking about it. Clear Quartz healing properties will also raise and amplify the energy level of any other crystals that come in contact with it.

Clear Quartz stones also bring clarity of the mind, helping you to focus and become clear on your dreams and desires. They assist with spiritual development and with removing any energy blockages that occur in the body.

Height: 18cm
Weight: 985g


Height: 18cm
Weight: 985g