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Can't Adult Today
Can't Adult Today

Can't Adult Today

$ 12.95

Never has a tea spoken so much truth to my soul! This brew is your solution for those days where adulting is just too much and you need something to help sooth your grown-up woes. Tea might not be the official solution to your problem, but gosh darn it helps. 

* can only be sent within australia! Sorry guys! 

- Chinese green tea -
- Cornflower blossoms -
- Rose petals -
- Sunflower blossoms -

Handmade in Mudgee, NSW - Approx 15 serves 
Brew at 80ºC for 2-3 mins

Magical Properties
- Metabolism booster - 
- Antioxidising -
- Assists digestion -
- Helps fight bad bacteria -
- Aids skin troubles -