Please read ALL of the following before you place your preorders! This information is here to make sure you are completely informed of the process and so it also make it easier for the Quirky team. Please only ask questions if you can't find the answers you are looking for either here or on the product pages. Thank you :). 




Orders expected to ship out late July*. 

- Preorders will be open for strictly one week only! Starting May 2nd and running until May 9th 11:50pm. 

****- You can only purchase 'Zodiac Preorder' items in your Preorder. Other items from the store aren't allowed due to inventory reasons (sorry!). We need to keep this process as simple and uncomplicated as possible. If you do purchase other items in your order they will be refunded as soon as possible.

- *Please only order if you are a patient cookie and are happy to wait! I can never give an exact date of when they'll be going out, but we always work as quickly as possible. Late July is when we hopefully start shipping orders out, but due to the nature of production/shipping, it could be shipped sooner or shipped later. Just know we always do things to the best of our ability. 

- A preorder works just like a normal order. You will be fully charged upfront and the items will be sent at a later date. 

- Strictly no order combining, sorry! My shipping system will not allow it and it scroodles our brains. Sorry :(. If you want to order other things from the store with these items, I recommend waiting until the stock arrives and they officially launch.

- Preorder items will also be available for General Sale after all the items have arrived. However preorder customers will be given priority packing and shipping and will receive their orders first. 

- It is your complete responsibility to remember to enter any discount codes upon checking out. If you forget to use a discount code for your order, unfortunately we can not apply a discount after an order has been processed.