Some of you might be familiar with Kickstarter but I know a lot of you aren't,  so I am making this information page that will hopefully answer all of the questions you have :). 

Firstly, Kickstarter works very differently to how my normal website works. Instead  of shopping for singular items and adding them to your cart, items are listed either singularly or in bundles and your money doesn't get taken straight away. 

Instead, you pick the 'tier' or 'reward' that would like to back, and you pledge that amount of money and that pledge will act as a preorder. If I manage to raise the money I am asking for, then you will charged at the end of the campaign if it is successful. 

Below is a complete list of my Reward tiers. These will be the exact ones in my campaign. 

Unfortunately I can't list all items singularly. However, if you do back my project and the project is successful, all backers will have access to an exclusive shop where they can add individual items onto their orders. I will notify you all when the Add-On shop opens.

You will need an account with Kickstarter to pledge support for my campaign. This is just simple set up on their website here. They also have an app you can download in the App Store, but I personally prefer the desktop version :). 

As far as I know you can only back one option/tier, but I am pretty sure you can go in and change your reward tier afterwards if you wish. I am guessing that this is done on your Kickstarter account page. This is new to me, so if you have trouble, let me know haha. 

Just to make this super duper clear, your pledge acts as a preorder and you will receive items in exchange for your pledge :). You will only be charged at the end of the campaign if it's successful. If the goal is not reached, you will not be charged and you won't get any pretty items, booooo. 

Below is a Timeline for the project and some shipping info for you guys too. 


This whole thing is very new to me and it will be the biggest project and logistically challenging thing I have done to date. Pretty please be patient with me as a I navigate this new exciting chapter in TQCC :). 

Below is some FAQ I have been asked on Instagram. Please carefully read all this info before contacting me. Thankyou! 


Q: Can Items sell out?
A: Technically yessssss. I have got a quantity limit on the Kickstarter just because I can only fit so much in my packing room and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. However if the Kickstarter takes off super quickly and there's lots of demand, I will look into scaling up the quantities and sussing some logistical options so I can make sure more is available for you guys. 

Q: What if I want two Journals/Rewards, or if I want a different combination of items?
Sadly you can initially only shop the Rewards I have available, but when the campaign is over (and if it's successful) there will be a special shop for backers where you can add individual products onto your order. This obviously raise your pledge amount and will also incur extra shipping. 

Q: Will these be stocked on The Quirky Cup Collective when the Kickstarter ends?
Short Answer: UM YES! Long Answer: Yes, but I have no fricken idea when. I don't know what to expect from this campaign and as it is there will probably be A LOT OF JOURNALS AND ITEMS to handle and fulfil (it makes me real nervous tbh). I am really hoping I will be able to order more on top of my Kickstarter orders so I can have a whole bunch for the shop once the Kickstarter orders are out of the way. At this stage I can't say when they will be available, but it will be early next year I think! 

Q: Will these be available for wholesale?
Pretty much the same answer as above. I am hoping to order extra stock on top of the kickstarter stock for the store and for wholesalers, but at this stage I don't know how much extra I will be ordering. So I definitely will at some point whether it's directly after the kickstarter or later in 2021, but just know I do want to make it happen but it just takes a bit of time to do that. If you are keen on wholesaling the journals and would like to commit to order some, please send me an email at

Q: Will you consider unlined/bullet journals in the future
Absolutely! But this is a project I will have to undertake in 2021. Baby steps!