Hello and happy holidays!
Thanks so much for contacting me :). I am currently on a little Christmas break with my family and will be back reading your messages soon. I have addressed some common issues below so hopefully this may help you in the meantime. If not, I will be in touch to help you when the holiday break is over. 
First of all, thanks so much for your patience and kindness with this issue!
 A lot of International parcels haven't moved since mid-late November or since early December and thankfully this is very normal for all of my international customers at the moment. 
This is because international flights due to COVID have been limited and we rely on passenger planes to transport our mail. 
Other countries also have their own internal issues with mail at the moment and customs is processing mail slowly. 
Although we pack parcels as quickly as we can, the speed of the post is sadly beyond our control. This is all very normal and again, I thank you for your patience. If nothing moves within a couple weeks, please contact me again or refer to the shipping page below.
Please expect additional delays to your countries. Some parcels haven't been updated since early November. If nothing has been updated by early to mid January, please let me know. 
Shipping to Ireland and Canada is currently suspended. We are holding orders in the meantime and are patiently waiting for flights to resume. If you would like to send your parcel to a friend or family member in a neighbouring country, please let me know. You also have the option to cancel your order. 
If you have a problem with any item/s in your order and have specified this in your message, then I will respond and help you when I am back at work. 
Thanks again and I hope you have your loved ones have a Happy Holidays :). 
Kindest always,