(Updated 06/10/21)

ALL INTERNATIONAL MAIL MOVING SLOW DUE TO COVID LOCKDOWNS AND RESTRICTIONS ON THE EASTERN SEABOARD. Your parcel may not have scanned for a while but I can guarantee this is normal. There is nothing I 
can do to speed this along as the mail system is busy and workers are restricted. Thank you for your patience and understanding 💕. 


As you might very well know by now, COVID has dramatically affected and changed the postal system both nationally and internationally.

Rules, regulations, shipping methods and times are constantly changing with the response to COVID, so I would politely urge you to read all the information provided below before you place an order. 

Please know that I know am doing my best under these new circumstances, but as a single person I don't have any special powers or control over the way the postage system is currently running. I kindly ask for patience and understanding during these wild times. Both you and I rely on the postal network to do their job, and once your parcels leave my HQ, we are at the mercy of that network to do it's job as best they can. So pretty please have patience. 

Below is all the information you hopefully need!


- Both domestic and international parcels are moving slow due to the lockdowns on the east coast of Australia. 
- Express Post isn't guaranteed Express but is still the most prioritised method for both International and Domestic mail. 
- ALL International parcels have the potential to be affected by up to six weeks.  Some times thins move normally, other times slower. Please read more detailed International information below. 

Pretty please be patient as there is currently nothing I can do to help or fix this (I wish I could). If you would like to read more detailed information about International shipping delays, please click here, and if you would like more information about Domestic Shipping please click here. Please also keep in mind that information changes all the time so the information my not reflect the current nature of the situation. 


USA & CANADA - 10-20 Business Days  
- 9-15 Business Days
NZ - 6 -12 Business Days

Check other country delivery times here 

RESTRICTED COUNTRIES (currently not receiving mail) -  India, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Cuba. 

Please check your countries status HERE before ordering. 

Some International Countries are currently not accepting International Parcels due to local government restrictions. If you are from one of these countries and place an order, I am able to hold your order for you until it is ready and safe to send :). If you are unsure about the status of your country, check here.

If you have any additional concerns, please contact Australia Post directly and quote your tracking number to the customer service team. Please keep in mind that their systems are overwhelmed and the employees are doing their best to help you with your enquiries. Please exercise kindness and understanding with them too. 

That is it for now! I just want to say a massive thank you for your continued support of TQCC and your patience during this crazy, crazy time. This little business is my world, and whether its through my art or products, my goal has always been to make you guys happy and keep things positive. I hope to get to continue to do that over the coming months. 

In the meantime I will try and work on positive solution but in the meantime, please remain patient, safe, positive, calm and considerate of others :). 

Thank you! 

-Sydonie xx