Here we go again! The holiday season is just around the corner. Michael Buble' and Mariah Carey have weaselled their way back into our ears; their music whispering in the wind of every place we are to soon visit.

In helpful news, the shipping peeps have given us the final lodgement dates for parcels before the big day. Please be sure to read the page below as it has a lot of the info you need for the festive season ahead :). 


For a complete breakdown for each country, please visit linked text just under here. Otherwise we have listed our main countries below! 

Check all Australian & International Shipping times here

Please deduct a few days from Australia Post's cutoff date as we also need time to pack and ship your orders. 


United States: 3rd Dec 2023
Australia: 10th Dec
United Kingdom: 2nd Dec 2023
Canada: 1st Dec 2023
Germany: 28th Nov
France: 28th Nov
NZ: 3rd Dec


United States: 10th Dec 2023
Australia: 15th Dec 2023
United Kingdom: 9th Dec 2023
Canada: 11 Dec 2023
Germany: 3rd Dec
France: 3th Dec
NZ: 9th Dec

- Although we pack orders as soon as we possible can, once they are they picked up by the couriers we are unable to control the shipping process/speed. We are given times by Auspost, but unfortunately during busy times it can sometimes take a bit longer depending on your country and import processing.


- For international orders, place your orders before Black Friday sales! The shipping system goes overdrive after the crazy sales and your parcels take a bit longer. Doesn't mean they won't make it in time, it's just safer to do it earlier :). 

- No, we won't be having Black Friday sales sorry!
- If your parcel hasn't a recent updated scan within 2-3 weeks, please get in contact with us so we can offer further advice. It's hard for us to investigate before this point as they tell us to wait due to the busy period.


You can also shop my goods on my website where we have more of our stock and the shipping prices might be a little kinder to you 💕

We hope you love it here. Stay as long as you like!