2024 Planner Preorders



UPDATE: 1st December

Thanks for your patience gang! 

We have been packing planners for about a week now (excluding weekends) and are finally getting close to the tail end of preorders. Although we've had a couple of extra order packers join us this week, we are also down a packer because of the spicy cough. We've never packed so many orders but of course we do need to juggle our preorders along with our regular orders and our other warehouse jobs. We're pretty close to the original timeline we put forward for the planners, so that's a huge win! 

At this stage I am hoping to be finished with planner preorders by Mon/Tues! This is only a few days after the predicted original date of completion. 

Thank you for once again trusting me with this process. The planners are always so stressful and take up such a huge chunk of my time/effort/life/brain space, but we're really pulled it off this year and I'm so so glad with how we've managed compared to previous years. 

Please keep an eye out on your email folders for your shipping confirmations. Always make sure to check junk/spam/trash if nothing is coming up 💕


FAQ & Information 


We will be commencing packing tomorrow (24th November) and predict to have them hopefully all packed before the Christmas shipping deadlines. 

However, I am never able to promise a Christmas delivery. We will always dispatch as soon as we can, and even though we provide the best service we can we are always at the mercy of the shipping companies who are in control of most of the shipping service. Delays can happen, as worldly circumstances change. There will be increased volumes in the network from BFCM, custom delays, weather , worldly events (covid resurgence), all which are factors that are beyond our control. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this crazy time :)


Please know that you will only ever be charged in your local currency. We are based in Australia so our default currency is AUD, which is why your cart might display in a higher price.  If your cart is displaying in a higher price, that is the AUD value but you will only ever be charged in your local currency (USD, EURO, Pounds etc). I hope this helps make sense! 



- If you have other items in your order, they will not be sent until the planners are here and they can all be dispatched at the same time. 

- Please make sure you are signed up to our marketing/email newsletter. This isn't because I wanna send you annoying emails lol, it's so that we can bulk email you guys with Reading Journal order updates! If you aren't subscribed to emails then you won't receive the updates. 

- If you need to change the shipping address for your order, please email us with both your order number and the updated address in your first email to us. If your order has begun processing we will be unable to change your address and you will have to file a change off address with the shipping carrier. Please know that if you do enter an incorrect address and it is too late to change, we are not liable if your parcel does not arrive. 

- Please know that Express Shipping is only for when the parcel has been handed to the shipping carrier. Your parcel will move fast within the shipping network, but it does not mean your order will be packed before everyone else's. We pack orders in numerical order to keep things fair :). 

- Please be mindful of what you are ordering when you place your order. We can't change or update orders once they are placed. We also can't combine two orders into one, so please make sure everything you want is in the one order or be all groovy with it coming separately if you place more than one order. 

- If you have a discount code, please enter it mindfully. We can't add discount codes to orders once they are placed


I hope that answered all of your questions and more! But as always, if your question hasn't been answered here or on our Noticeboard page, please don't be shy and reach our via our contact form :).

As always, I am so blown away that these things I create are loved and wanted by so many. What generally feels like my own personal little bubble of creativity reaches people far and wide in ways I never truly comprehend. I love having fun creating the things that I do, and sharing those things is just the biggest delight ever. I'm a lucky gal and am truly blessed with the most amazing Quirky community. 

Now on to biz chat. 

Please know that I order as much as I can personally afford and manage. There is more that goes into making and selling products than meets the eye, and ordering these kinds of things in the capacity I do is always frightening. Any order we place is a huge risk because there is never any guarantee people will buy what I make, so I do the best with what I have and make the best decisions I can so we can comfortably operate. 

I don't ever purposely limit stock or scare people into purchasing. If this page is anything to go by, I genuinely care about how everything flows and how everyones experience is received, even if it's at my own detriment. Quirky is my baby. I personally design everything you see. Down to the videos, the product descriptions, photography... that's all me. Every last bit. I care deeply about what I do and I only want everyone to have the best experience possible. 

I work the best that I can within the perimeters of my teams and I's abilities, but even then people can still wind up disappointed on certain occasions. I'm really very lucky to have a great community of quirky customers who are kind and understanding, but I also know that it's impossible to please everyone (even though I'm a people pleaser and always try to anyways haha). 

So anyways, this page is already too fkn long but I just needed to make sure this was all up in advance to make sure everything goes smooth. Thank you so much for reading and being here. I appreciate you and I can't wait for you to finally get your mittens on these magical little sleeves. 

I'll see you on release day.

In the meantime? Stay groovy! 

- Sydonie xox