La Lune Patch - The Quirky Cup Collective
La Lune Patch - The Quirky Cup Collective

La Lune Patch

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Created by The Quirky Cup Collective  

Jazz up your life and belongings with some magical embroidered patches!

Boring old denim jacket or jeans? ADD A PATCH! Plain ass tote bag or backpack? ADD A PATCH! Converses looking a bit basic? You can add patches to those too! There's so many things you can add patches to, and if you need some serious inspo, hit up Pinterest (trust me, patches are cool as heck). 

You would know by now that I'm a sucker for embroidery, so patches were a natural progression for me. Designed by yours truly with love and passion, my embroidered patches are here to help you express your personality and to also inspire you to get crafty. Most of all, THEY'RE FUN! And so flippin' cute!


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- Size 7cm(H) 
- Doesn't come with printed instructions so please refer to the information provided below :). 



- Make sure to test the placement of your patches before you attach them permanently. Get a ruler, measure everything out if you're wanting things centred/spaced. 
- TEST FIRST! Pin the patch to what you're attaching it to and check in a mirror or from a distance if the patch placement looks the way you want it to. 
- Materials & fabric; not every material is okay for ironing patches onto. Iron-on patches work best with cotton and polyester but can damage fabrics like Rayon and Nylon. Remember that if you're in doubt, GOOGLE! 
- If you do have something with a more sensitive material though, you can always sew it on! As always though, please do this with caution. 


- An iron & ironing board/flat surface
- Pressing cloth/cotton pillow case or handkerchief 
- Your patch/s
- Your item of choice! 

- Turn your iron onto the highest setting, or what is similar to 180 degrees celsius. Let that baby heat up!
- Position your item flat, and carefully place your patch. 
- Get your protective pressing cloth and place it over your patch. This protects the patch from the heat of the iron. 
- Press the iron downward and hold for 30-45 seconds. 
- Be careful not to move the iron around as this may move the position of your patch!
- Flip and repeat! 
- Flip your item over or inside out and get your pressing cloth ready!
- Place the pressing cloth over the reverse side of the patch and press your iron down for another 30-45 seconds. 
- Allow your garment or item to completely cool before wearing. 

Please also be very careful and safe when attaching your patches :).  

Wholesale Available

Please send an email to if you have a store and are keen on stocking these beauties! 


♻️ ♻️ ♻️
- Shipping box made from 80% recyclable material -
- Biofill / Packing peanuts are fully biodegradable - 

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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