Meal Planner Notepad
Meal Planner Notepad
Meal Planner Notepad
Meal Planner Notepad

Meal Planner Notepad

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Compliments to the chef! Your meals this week look pretty delish 🍜

The Magic is in the Details

  • 19 x 9.3cm (7.48 x 3.66 inches)
  • Back magnets for fridge & boards
  • 75 tear away sheets (75 weeks)
  • 130GSM paper
  • Made in PRC

Please for the love of god, no more last minute dinners and everyday trips to the grocery store. I can't handle it, it's torture 🥲

Save the brain aches and fatigue of decision making so you aren't stuck eating tuna and rice for dins or some weird old thing you found in the freezer. Have all of your meals laid out and ready to go with our Meal Planning notepad that conveniently has magnets so it can live on your fridge. 

Plan out the essentials and look forward to every meal! Oats or scrambled eggs for breakfast, and maybe some pancakes on Sunday? Done! A toastie, dumpling salad or rice bowl for lunch? You decide. And lets not forget dinner where you can plan out the pasta you've been dreaming of all week, that comforting curry during the colder nights or those fish tacos that are screaming to be made. Whatever you feel like planning for your week, this is where you do it!

Chefs Tips

Start a list of all your fave meals on a notepad or in your phone notes. Put some time aside on the weekend to plan for the week ahead and pick your meals. And of course allow enough time to get your groceries and prep some meals so it makes your week easier! Then you have more time for the fun stuff.  

Life's better when you having something yum to look forward to for every meal. Or maybe that's just me lol. 

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