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Hello Agents!
I hope you are all having a great week so far. It feels so long since my last Mission email but truthfully, the last 4/5 days have felt like 2 weeks 🙈. If you watch my IG stories you would know that SO much has been happening. Last week I received all of my Zodiac Collection samples and I have started work on all my photography for the preorders! I received my Deck sample, my pins, my scarf and my tarot bags. They are all insanely gorgeous and holy shit I am deadset excited to share it all with everyone! 
Work aside, I also got myself a new car last week! I don't share this kinda stuff on IG because I personally feel like I'm being flashy or braggy, but I know that's just my brain being weird haha. That also made last week overwhelming, and if I'm being honest I was super weird about getting a new car because I still love my old car SO MUCH. I'm a sentimental human who gets emotionally attached to everything 😂. She was my first car though, and because I've had her since I was 16/17, she's seen me through my whole adult life, and literally nearly half my life which is so odd. 
_ _ _
Okay so enough about my last week, this week I have a little tiny gift and also A QUESTION!
I designed you all an Official Agent Quirky Badge! You can honestly do whatever you want with it :). Print it and keep it in your wallet, which would be kinda cool tbh. 
SO question!
I've really been enjoying Mission Emails and I know so many of you have too, so..
 I was wondering if you would be interested in having this made into a sticker or enamel pin? or both?! or not at all? haha. 
I've decided it would basically be a secret product for you Agents only. It won't be advertised or publicly listed, so it would be super secret but also LIMITED as heck! I'm thinking it will only be available for preorder, and once that's done that'll be it forever, never to make an appearance again, which feels kinda badass and super fitting for lucrative Agents. 
There would be a couple prerequisites to this, but basically all I need from you is your preference! And please only answer if you'd be genuinely interested 😢. I need numbers to see if it's worth doing, so here's a link below to cast your votes!
Honestly no pressure though, it's just a fun little idea I had and could be a fun way to commemorate the whole thing haha. 
Okay that's enough for today! Mission accomplished, for now until next time 😎
ps. If you have any ideas for Mission emails or if you have any questions or feedback, this is a blog post so you can leave comments! 

Hello, and sorry if this email/Mission thing is super random and confusing! I am currently running a fun little campaign to boost my email engagement so I stop getting marked as SPAM by your email hosts.

The mission is literally just to open your emails, make sure I'm not marked as spam and to click on the any link to my website. It's just a bit of fun and every email will contain a special top secret link to something!

You don't have to participate, but if you opened this email then you already have :). So thank you for your service!



  • Claire

    I’m right there with Julia!!! I think I am going to print this out and size it down to convention badge size and laminate it and carry it with me!!!
    Thank you so much for being you. You bring so much light to the world and we get to share in your joy every time you open up a new package or post a new story or picture. Your smile is infectious and quite honestly i have no idea how you do all of this and on top of it all you are including us in your journey. Blessed be and sending light and love your way

  • Angie

    Ooh! A pin! Oh wait-a sticker. No! BOTH! Yes, that’s it! :)

  • Ursurs

    A pin would be amazing. Then I could run around with it on my badge and find other Quirky Agents! Wouldn’t that just be handy? :D

  • Secret Agent Booklings

    A secret agent pin would be amazing!! I’d love to add it into my posts like a Where’s Wally search 😂😂

  • Kazma

    Oh wow! What an honour to be a Quirky Agent! I wait with baited breath to see whether or not there’s enough interest in producing a badge and/or sticker!! There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental… people who aren’t are the weirdos IMO. Oh and whilst I’m at it… the amount of effort you put into styling your products for pics and videos, is beyond sensational. You should be very proud of all you have achieved. ♥

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